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Sex, Lies & Parenthood

Episode 36 · 3 months ago

Special Edition With Drag Queen Entertainer Ginger Ladd Part 2


Please consider watching this episode on YouTube as it is a very visual interview and we even added elements to go along with some of the items we discussed in the episode. YouTube Part 2 

This is Part 2 of the "Sex, Lies & Parenthood" special Pride Month edition of the podcast with entertainer and Drag Queen Ginger Ladd. Part 1 began with Ginger Ladd simultaneously going live on his social media, as he often does, to get ready in drag while recording the podcast with us. Part 2 was recorded exclusively for our podcast because Ginger was able to get a little more spicy with us than on social. If you missed part 1 please go check it out - it is such an intimate interview where he shared so many emotional moments of his life and even talked about the threats he gets even now because of his job as an entertainer. We recorded both parts before Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton decided to attack family-friendly drag shows for allowing children to watch the performances. As a fellow Texan and Drag Queen performer, Ginger was nice enough to record a statement regarding the issue and we put it here in Part 2. We want to thank Ginger Ladd for allowing us a sneak peak into his world as an entertainer, and Drag Queen but also as a son, a husband, a father, and, most of all, a HUMAN who has gone through it all and still continues to embrace his audiences whether over social media or in person at live shows.   



00:00 Intro Episode

00:25 Welcome Ginger

01:30 Who Gets The Most Inappropriate At A Show?

03:00 “I’m treated like a thing and not a real person”

04:08 Why do people think it’s okay to grope her?

06:00 Ginger Ladd PSA: Performance Etiquette

07:21 When do you realize this is a good show?

10:35 Do you still get nervous before a show?

12:04 What to expect after a show

13:30 Seeing Ginger Ladd’s name on the marquee in Times Square

13:50 “The star of my shows are the venues."

14:06 Gratitude to the venues who say yes to having Ginger Ladd perform

15:20 Hiring a Drag Queen like Ginger Ladd can be political “some people think I am immoral, corrupt and do a disservice to the world for existing.”

16:04 Response to Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton who attacked family-friendly drag queen shows that allow children to attend

17:55 Being inundated with death threats every day because

18:36 “Before my dad died…he finally got it and thought it was magical too”

19:31 “My kids love it!”

20:05 Ginger Ladd but also Dad

20:25 “Sometimes you need to face head on the demons you have from your past…”

21:31 Has fatherhood changed you?

21:53 Attending a conservative college

22:46 “We’re all human…this is just an expression of who I am inside…”

23:44 “Have you ever really thought about what it is like for me” entering an event as the only drag queen?

25:06 Meet and greets at a Ginger Ladd show

25:51 “Watching you transform is art…but you are also human…”

26:28 There is a physical transformation but they are the same person

27:30 Connecting with people on social media saved him

30:49 Ginger Ladd tries ASMR

31:12 How performing on social media during Covid changed the live performances Ginger Ladd does now

34:27 How was Ginger Ladd introduced to make-up?

35:14 Growing up in the South surrounded by beautiful women

37:27 He trained himself to do make-up, style wigs, create outfits

38:24 He has always gone above an beyond

39:09 “Knowing what you know now, would you go back and do it all again.”

42:34 Trigger warning: He hints about trauma from his childhood

43:25 Getting distracted by the phallic microphone

44:05 Showing love to each other

44:31 What’s in the future for Ginger Ladd?

47:32 Wrapping it up

48:01 It’s always a good time to tip a drag queen

49:39 Trying to make Capricorn blush (it doesn’t work)

50:22 Wigs are like a winter hat

51:27 Our statement on drag shows

52:20 Getting out of drag - live social video after our interview was recorded - please consider watching/listening because he has a few messages in there that everyone should hear.



Ginger Ladd’s Third Annual Rockaway Pride, June 26th.




Hey everybody, welcome to sex life and parenthood, the special pride month edition with guest and entertainer Ginger Lad. In this episode, What happens in part two? We now have ginger lad, the performer. MMM, and it's an amazing transformation. Gets a little spicy, I get a little red and yeah, if you want to see capricorn get a little uncomfortable, definitely keep watching. Welcome to the PODCAST. Is All good. What's the called? Sex Los and parents? Hey, everybody, welcome to sex lies and parenthood. We are back, and now we've got ginger. Ginger, welcome to the show. Hi, Oh, very nice to me. Yeah, it's so funny, you know, like everybody wants to go in. They're like, Oh, you're a different person. No, honey, this is me. I do think that ginger is some of the better parts of me, though. I'm gingers unencumbered by all those things that we are crying about part when you know she's unencomforted by that. She doesn't have that history and she really just wants what I want out of drag as. She wants everyone to feel loved. But then I get too I get to do things that I don't think I would ever do as myself, and I don't think I could get away with as myself. Has Anybody ever gotten inappropriate with you at a show? Are you kidding me? You know this is a big surprise to people. What demographic do you think gets the most inappropriate with me? Older women? Women in general? Yeah, Oh, women in general. Women in general do things to me that they would never ever want done to them. And if you catch me after a good old two hours of spinning around, huffing and Puffin and doing my best to entertain you, to be grabbed inappropriately, either in my fronts or my tops or anything like that, there's the dogs. They know. One time I really had it. She grabbed me in my front and I'm going to tell you I'm not wearing the breastplate today, but my breastplate is the top blow line, Hollywood effects, best that you could possibly get. It's eight hundred to nine hundred dollars, and for you to get your brunch fingers on my girls, that's extra. I'm just going to let you know. That costs extra. Right, Capricorn, he knows, he knows. He's been among me the money. So capricornia knows how much that cost but no, to have someone like literally almost pull it off of my body to go into my clothing. One time I grabbed her hand as she's touching me and I said, would any of you put up with this if this were you? And they said absolutely not, and you should have seen this bizarre shift. So many times I'm treated like a thing and not a real person. Hey, it's me, I'm inside here. I may have done too good of a job for you to think that I am other worldly or not a human that has thoughts, feelings emotions, that I'm there to simply entertain you. I'm a human being and oftentimes some people just don't treat me that way. And that doesn't just go for there's so many good parts. Let me just men to say there's so many good people in my life. So it's these strange experiences that sometimes stick out because they're few and far between. But this is not only with with clients or guests at shows, but oftentimes just dealing in the business of drag people tend to treat you much differently than if you were a band a comedian, a...

...pianist, a guitarist of vocalist. They treat you differently. Do you think it's partly because of the tipping aspect. Do you feel like people feel like they own you in some way because of that, even though really it's it's tipping your art? I've never seen a customer physically grab servers, and I served for a long time. Never seen them being physically grabbed. I've never seen a bartender physically grabbed, groping obvious as in front of people. Now they do it secretly, a little little squeeze on the bum here as she's walking away, hey sweetheart, or a little little too much of a linger of a hand, but to do it in front of their entire group of friends, look what I'm doing to it instead of her. So I think that there is. I think it goes well beyond the fact that there are gratuities or tips. And I will tell you I don't just work events that aren't that there's any tips involved. Last year I was fortunate enough to host an event for quest love, you know, the the wonderful group with Jimmy Fallon. That wasn't a tip involved, you know, and I didn't have a pocket to take one anyway. All right, we were just gound up and gorgeous, bringing on magazine editors and wonderful people celebrating a certain charitable function, and you're still treated like that. People want to put everybody in a comfortable place in their mind. I know how to deal with this because I've been around for twenty or thirty or eighty years. I know how I should treat them. But Oft The Times they've never worked with a drag artist. Let me give you a little public announcement. You Ready? Here we go. Hey World, it's me, ginger lad and a fulltime entertainer based in New York. Confused about how to treat me. Want to grab me in between sets. Well, don't consider me to be an actor or actress. That's right, I'm an off Broadway performer, literally here in New York City. Would you grab one of those entertainers in the metal of their performance, stand up and come on to the stage with the performer? Of course not. You would never do anything like that, so please don't do it with me. I don't know why you think it's okay, but it's not all, it's not. I love you and I will give you as much of me as possible, but I'm doing a show right now, so hands off. That costs extra seriously. It's really very strange. Do you know? I think it's part and parcel because ginger is very flirty and a lot of people are unaccustomed to being flirted with, especially in the S S and S. they're unaccustomed to they haven't they haven't been called beautiful in a while, so some people kind of take that as invitation to get handsy. When you are performing, is there something when you realize, like this show is fucking good, like this is a good show, like, what is it that is? It really makes me smile. That really really makes me smile. Thank you for that question. That is really a great question. Yes, yes, so I had the opportunity to start shows with city winery and hard rock last year at this time and I was asked to host the shows and I have about ten minutes of a warm up before there's any lip syncing or performances, and I had very little experience with that beforehand. I done a...

...lot of public speaking in college and I'm comfortable speaking off the cuff, but to to walk out on a stage and have two, three hundred people looking back at me without losing the audience, I think is an extreme gift. So Kudos to every single stand up comedian and public speaker out there. But there's a moment within the first five minutes. It's almost atmospheric. It's almost bare metric, to tell you truth. It almost I almost physically feel it in the air. There's a slight collective lean and I engagement and looking at their friends looking back, and you feel you're here with me. You except what I'm about to serve. You've your you're entrusting me for this next and a half to give you an experience and you're going to allow me to do it. Oftentimes, when I will come back and my husband is at most of my shows, I'll say I don't have them yet, or there ares were ready to go. They'll accept whatever I bring to them at this point. So yeah, there is a point. You feel it. I believe that the audience feels it as well. And there's this strange tipping point also with the amount of people and how much more difficult it is to get the get the audience on your side under fifty or under seventy people in the room, because there's this collective thing that happens to us as humans. If one person yells fire, everyone else gets upset right. Well, if a few people start giggling and then they turn will quick to check with the other table, like is this okay for and then, Oh my God, I can you believe this? And all of a sudden it kind of trickles. You could see it when you're standing on stage. You actually see this little kind of pattern going on. You feel it. They're leaning in, they're ready for you, and it's oftentimes something that Capricorn says to me. I see you, you're leaning in, you're ready and I feel it. Right Cap, I'm sure you feel it. Do you still get nervous before show? Yes, yes, I do. I'm not addicted to the nervous feeling. I often told those apprentices right from my tattoo shop, I would say lean in to the nerves, lean into it. You know what those will do for you. It won't put you in a place of despair. It'll put you in a place of you keeping yourself in check. You're not naturally funny, honey, when you're just standing there with your mouth closed. There's this expectation. They're people on the audience that paid sixty five dollars for the ticket. You need to think about the fact that this might be the only show that they're going to see the entire year. Maybe they saved up every single dime and nickel for the last year to come and see you, and you've got an incredible obligation to actually give them you like this, right here, like there. We've got an incredible obligation to make sure that that they're leaving and saying, you know what, that was worth it, that that was a great night of entertainment. That's all I could ask of people. If they were in a bad mood when they came in, I have no control over that, but I do have a little bit of control of making sure that maybe they leave just a little bit better than they were when they came in. That's all I could do. When you are done with a show,... you do a meeting greet or are you just exhausted at the end? It depends on the show, right. And I have to predicate what I'm about to say, not because of you, just because, in general or at large, I'm speaking for myself. Let's let's get this clear. A lot of people want to say when a drag queen does this or when a drag queen does that. Can I ask you a personal question. Would you say of that when a singer does this or when a singer does that? I don't think you would. I would, I would. I think you would say when Mariah Carey is finished with it, with the show. Would and you've asked me this personal question, but a lot of people come at me as if I'm representing an entire group of entertainers. I'm not. I do things differently than than a lot of entertainers and they do things better and different than I do, as it make what I do special, just makes it personal to what I do. My motto is in entertainment and owning a production company, you are never the star. My name is currently on Broadway bizarre on the Marquis of hard rock Cafe Time Square. My name flashes every forty five seconds. It's an incredible feeling and you know, in the first time I saw it, I was excited, but I wasn't filled with any inflated self or ego kind of feeling. The very first thing that came to my mind is what a privilege. Oh, there we go, there we go, snap that, snap it, snap it. I don't even have a picture of it. ha ha ha. That's the show. Yes, okay, I'm sorry. The way to thrill, way thrill. When I have a show, whether I'm headlining it or I am another cast member, I am not the star. The Star of my shows are the venues. I wouldn't be there unless it were for them. I would not be there if people didn't buy tickets. So if you walk into entertainment or any job and realize your beholden to the people that are paying money, then it ships everything into a point that is very important in my family's life, which is gratitude. Coming from a place of love, joy and gratitude will completely shift you from being I'm the star, I'm the most important, you're lucky to see me. That's not how it works. All say a restaurant. I'm not there because they love drag. Necessarily, I'm there to increase their bar sales, their food sales, their exposure, to express their commitment, or at least their ethos, about the LGBTIA plus community. I send a bizarre ice. It's very weird. When you would hire this regular entertainer, it wouldn't be a big political message, but when you hire me, it bespeaks a certain ethos of the venue that would have me have a one person show in or multiperson show in there, and it's my job. Unfortunately, is incredibly political. When you hire a drag queen and a place that doesn't have drag normally, it can alienate some people who think that I'm a moral corrupt and do a disservice to the world for existing, and that business has to look at it from a business standpoint and an ethical standpoint. By having ginger here representing us in advertisements and space and bringing clientele in, does the positive outweigh the negative? So, unfortunately, unlike most jobs in this world,...

...mine is incredibly political and I wish it weren't. Right after this episode was recorded, Texas State Representative Bryant slate and rallied to stop kids from attending drag shows, saying it's a disturbing trend in which perverted adults are obsessed with sexualizing children. This is Ginger Lad's response to that statement. Here we go again, yet another republican obsessed with harming and destroying the lives of those who are different from them. Texas House Representative Brian Slayton is no exception. Not all drag entertainers are men who dresses. Women drag runs the gemmant from female drag Queens, straight, gay, non Binaryan more so do children. Popular media is flooded with heteronormative relationships and role models, without queer role models. Queer transitioning, gender nonconforming, Trans and non binary youth are left isolated. According to the Trevor Project, LGBT Qia plus youth are four times as likely to attempt suicide then their peers. One LGBT Qia plus youth attempts suicide every forty five seconds. The mistreatment and stigmization of LGBT Qia plus youth, such as the kind perpetrated by Brian Slayton, contributes to children, and specifically children in Texas, to take their own lives. Instead of contributing to youth suicide, why not provide health care and child care for all Texans, address climate control, create a path to citizenship for the thousands of hard working immigrants in your state? That would actually require work, wouldn't it? Stop trying and deflect from your record of gas lighting and inefficiency. As a tex is born, father, taxpayer and concern citizen, stop stigmatizing children and forcing them to make decisions that may just lead to their death. A fellow Texan, Ginger, Lad I wish I didn't have to think about that. I wish that in my own community and the rockaways, which is filled with so many wonderful, artist and loving people that when my husband, for example, last month, published an advertisement for my spring flaying at the Rock Way Hotel, as inundated for two days with I hope you die, how dare you bring this and call this family friendly? You have no idea what a family is. I bet. I'm certainly happy that your father is dead and can't see this. I receive messages like that. I received those messages every day. I'm going to tell you what about my dad. Before my dad died, I was standing in my parents kitchen and the look of complete joy, awe and wonder of my father's face for the very first time in my life. This is still when I was doing life shows. He looked at me and he said, how did you do this? Where did you where did you learn this? Because there's no drag Queen School. Everything that a drag queen does we have to pull from popular culture, we have to practice it or from a mirror for hours by ourselves. You got to get your hours in. So that was the first time, one of the only times, I really heard from my dad that he finally got it. He thought it was magical to so to those of them that try to use my dad as a as a weapon against me, I'm sorry, it doesn't work. Um, my kids love it. My job has opened so many bizarre doors for my kids. They get to go backstage at hard rock cafe, they are treated like little princes. Wherever they go in the entertainment industry. They meet some of the most fascinating people and I hope, as a parent of Biracial kids, they also know, because I don't hide it from him, the struggle that...

I go through as kind of in this non binary, but binary but not but ginger, but dad, but me, but that they see how I try to deal with this with grace, compassion and forgiveness. Is like that private story that I was telling you during our break. Sometimes you need to face head on the demons that you have in your past, because when I come up in your face and would hey, how are you doing? How I am, I saw you on mine and you were telling me that you wanted me to die. How are you? I just wanted to introduce myself. Sweetheart, I recognize you because when I live in a village. Now you didn't know it was me, did you? But it's me out of drag. I just want to let you know I forgive you. And these are my kids, by the way, kids. This is the woman that said that I should die because I'm having a show here in the rockaways. Kids meet Karen. Karen meet my kids. Oh my God, I didn't really know. I didn't. I had no ide that's fine, all is. Might want to think about a little bit more, because you never knew who you're going to bump into. I recognize you, you just don't recognize me. It's it's weird. You know you want to. You want to you want to be the better person, and I'm not looking to teach you. Is that something that has come about since you had kids, or is that the way that you felt the whole time? How Does Fatherhood Change you? Basically learning to be a better person? I don't know. I mean like I that. I think that would be a little little bold of me to say, Oh, I'm so much better now that I was in the past. I'm different. I've had it so long in my life I went to that Conservatives College. I didn't know it's conservative, but it sure hell was. They my first year, in my freshman year, they invited the do you ever? Did you ever hear the Genesis Church? Look it up. You'll see that they were all about conversion therapy and they were keynote speakers at my school my freshman year. I spent so much of my life trying so hard to let people know that I have a relationship with a higher spirit or spiritual power, that I'm not beat. I haven't been put on this earth to be your martyr or your devil, or an example of what not to be, for an example of what mental health issues look like. No, no, you know the amount of time I've spent on the Earth, I've come to realize that we're all dealing with massive amount of things that no one knows about. We're all human, we all went through it. This right here is not because of my past. This in a I can't speak for absolute but this is just an expression of myself, of who I actually am inside. I'm not expressing a gender. I'm expressing boy. I wish I could tell you better. I'm expressing the multi faceted gender that we all have inside of us that the most of us have learned to suppress. Will tell you this, capricorn, and I'll tell you this, Rachel, that it's true that if you ever get up truly in it, and not as a joke, but if it was an expression of who you were, and you were, you were bold enough. Have you ever really thought about what it is like for me to get out of a car and time square in full drag at six five, seven foot and walk into the door with your head held high and smile, Lena, everybody, no one else is in...

...track. Can you imagine what that's like? It is, it is powerful, it's nervous, like you asked, it's nerve racking. In a bit, immediately have to I step out of the car. I'm representing on the hard rock name, even though I'm not an employee, I'm definitely having a show there, so I need to, you know, watch my peas and kids and it's it's unlike anything else in the world. It's you are an alien at times that's landed on earth because no one else around you is remotely like you, and that is exhausting, that is alienating, it's lonely and it's also magical if you make it magical, because I do see when I'm at hard rock, I do you ask me about me and green and that was a about this. Before my shows I actually step out, I'd say hello to everybody first and I stay as late as they want me to stay. If the Benu has me there for two hours, but the other people want to say hello and take pictures with me for another hour, I don't say no. I just do it because in neverly there's a boy or a girl in that crowd that won't so desperately to talk to me or remember Bob. He wants to let me know you no, son, you're did a okay job, you know, and it makes him feel better about himself and he could take the picture back to show his friends, like, look at the thing I found in New York City. You know, I'm maybe I could change a few minds without having to preach. It's art, watching you transform. It is it is art work. You are a piece of art, but you are all so human, so I get the multifaceted human being that you are. This is something that you said makes you feel good. This is a way to show the world the other personality or you're able to express yourself. I know what you mean. It is hard to put into words because it's again something that you don't see normally. But I just want to I want to give it a human, human aspect. So I oftentimes do exactly this. I go online as myself and I transform into her or into the character. But do you see a huge difference between the two of us? Who are you putting that on to me because of the rapping? I feel like I'm still talking to the same person. But I was just amazed at how much work you put into creating what you did. Just know, like to be able to watch it from start to you now is insane, incredible, and I again, being a part of the Gingerlat of community and being a fan, to be able to share that with you and watch that transformation is such a beautiful thing, and so I'm I'm just so grateful to you for giving yourself to people. I think it's still being brave, I really do. I feel like it's being brave. I appreciate what you're saying and I will take in the love, but I'm very, very careful about making sure that the message is correct. I am doing this for myself as well. This serves me aretherwise I wouldn't do it. This serves me in that period of time and that terrible month when everything just complete, my entire life change this in a way, like you said, it saved me. In a way, social media, connecting with people, saved me.

I was in the House with a husband, a grieving mother downstairs, a new son. My business went from making what it was making to nothing. Everything else happened at that time and I needed you more than you needed me. And whether or not it's a symbiotic relation, a ship where I get more out of this than you get, this is important to me. This, this feeds me in a way. INSTAGRAM and Tick Tock. Who, how are you doing? My name is Ginger Lad. I'm a fulltime entertainer base out of New York City. Oh yeah, we're just playing Barbie tonight in the lad drag room. What are we doing here? We're doing wigs. This is called whigs, gossip and love. Hello, my darlings, how are you, sweetheart? Is Finding you happy fulfilled? Well, if not, I hope to change that. Hey, babies, are you doing? Are you doing? You doing all right, but three weeks ago I had a very difficult situation that I was dealing with and it was a professional ginger lad issue and I actually found that I couldn't really go online and do lives because I didn't want to lie to anybody and I was too afraid of my Glib tongue letting it slip out what what was going on professionally with me. So it's a strange relationship because I want to give you everything, but I can't. I can't really tell you the complete truth about what goes on in contract negotiations and things behind the scenes. I can't, but I do try to like give you the most of the real me, because it serves me. It fills an it fills member that that that burned hole. It may not exactly stick. This stun sounds sexy as might not stick inside and but it does go in and out and it makes me feel good. So right, all, right, now, isn't this look even larger in my little pitty hand now? So is this the time for the for the was that Asmar it's genter lad and you're watching sex, lies and Bar Oh, okay, I'm sorry, I had a drink or three. Great, that'll be your teaser. You're welcome. Going from live shows, then to Covid, bringing everything online, now going back to live shows. Is there any aspect of doing the social media and being online that changed your now live performances? I was not nearly concerned with the connection. I think I was just going out and be and, like any other entertainer, go and do your job, go wiggle and dance, go do your number. You're done. I mean not completely, but I was doing two or three hour shows without an audience, without even speaking back to someone, to a phone, without anyone else there, try and talk and engage in multiple DM's, really engage and find a way to touch people's lives by looking at that camera, and it was difficult for the first two or three times. I think that that that's the biggest thing that it developed that. You could correct me if I'm...

...wrong, but usually with people I'm pretty right, and it even fine tune that for me. I could tell with a nuance of a DM or the way that the word structure was that something was going on or that they were a green or not exactly enjoying it, and I do that now on my audiences and so my shows aren't static if I have it a certain way and it's going a completely different way. I have a couple of other shows that we can instantly shift into. I'm around a lot of Germans, done good and the outdoor spression. I will speak to them and told the German if I have a complete child audience or I'm mostly under the age of thirteen audience, I can go there and I can instantly go Disney. You know, it's it's that. We were going to talk about my puppetine and my puppeteering and stuff. It's it's that. It's it's being able to take your real self and not dilute it, but adjusted to the audience that you're that you're taking it to. I'm not going to do babies, got back for the kids library hour, but then I'm probably not going to do I'm probably not going to do the Little Mermaid for a bridal party. You know what I mean. It's it's that. It's reading the audience, it's being empathic, it's understanding where they're coming from, where they're coming from. It's cultural anthropology on its base level. It's understanding where they're coming from from their point of view, not yours, and that's what that's what social media, the entire social media thing did for me is in an enhanced that sense of trying to understand where people are coming from, understanding a Dutch audience, understanding Australian audience, understanding on English audience, because all of a sudden I went from performing in Brooklyn and New York and now I have people at South in South Africa and Dubai and and Baron and oslow watching exactly what I'm doing. It shifted me in a way to understand that this is a global impact if you want it to be, or you can choose to be Your Neighborhood Queen, and that's gorgeous to can we talk about makeup. How were you introduced to make up? Oh, makeup came to my door and I said, how do you do and then I said I'm fine, ginger, and I said can I come in and I said welcome it, come out. Can I bore you a drink? And then they walked right and not not mark makeup. How is I introduced to makeup? I don't know at all. I have it. I haven't really analyzed analyzed that, but drinks kicking in. Hmmm, sorrying to feel the fantasy a little bit. How was it interduced to makeup? I don't know. I had too little jazz hands when I came out of my mother when I was born. I don't know, like I'm like you need to put on some lipstick. I don't I don't know. I mean like I came out like here, mom. No, I was surrounded by an incredible amount of women in the south who were brought up that if you went to the grocery store you actually dressed up. I actually didn't own blue jeans and I sounds weird because I was from Texas, but I wasn't a cowboy, so you don't wear them. I don't think I had blue jeans until I was in the sixth grade. My parents always put us to put me together in a very southern way, and that includes my mother and all the women in my in my life at that time. I don't remember if I ever saw my grandmother out of out of makeup, full makeup and falsies and, you know, a lashes and and the full, the full get up. So I think, you know, I had such a...

...loving, adoring family. Before they realize the sweetness was coming from a gay place, and so it imprinted upon myself. My mother, my Lord, you literally cast her as one of the Charlie's angels, or as any be I mean, do I have it here? I have a picture of my mother from a newspaper. This is a picture of my mom. Now you're not going to see much in this, but this is about three days after she gave birth to me. She was to a picture was taking of her at a mall and there's this that stereot wow, abouts about two or three days after she gave birth to me, this beautiful long blond hair, Marcia Brady, but but pretty. You know, my mom was like that too. was like that too. Yeah, it was just like you know this. I was surrounded by so many, so much beauty when I grew up, and then in the era of Dallas Dynasty, everything like that, we're makeup, was really utilized and a very heavy way. It just imprinted upon itself in the s. But I think every artist gets inspired by so many things. I don't have any education and makeup or cosmetology. I've never gone to hair school, but I do my hair, I do my wigs, I make my nails. I've always been that kid you know those times that I spent in the in my room listening to records, I would have craft paper and pens and paint. That is one thing that my parents did do. They pushed art supplies on me. So I remember in junior high school they asked us to write a report about a volcano. I made a volcano and and then did report. They're like, why did you? Why did you? Why did you? Why did you paint a picture of you? Listen, how do you say his name? Ulysses, houses him you less. He's Nah, I can't see ULYSSIES. That's not happening. But that girl like you got to do a book report or a report on this person's life, and that I remember. The teacher asked me, why did you paint a picture? I said, well, I thought you would want to know what they look like. I've always been that person every it's just, it's just with the way I was designed, I've always been that person. I want to give you that extra I will not wear this hair for probably about six to nine months now that I'm wearing on your podcast. That's amazing. Why? Because you deserve, don't you deserve, to have something that's exclusive to your podcast? Because it is special. Here's your next Promo. Hey, sex lives and parenthood, the most specialist podcast ever. No, I'm toady, just need live. What sex, sex, and there is time. I go to Bago. Knowing what you know now, would you go back and do it all again? There's a very wise man, that one said, and I believe his name was Emmett Brown. You may know him as Doc Brown from back to the future. Come on now, I know exactly know where I's going with this. I'm a movie lying guy. She hates it. Well, it's time to go then. Thanks for joining us. That is only my favorite movie series of all time. Rachel, I think you can't retain rank other peples smart lines. No, she hates my favorite movie. That's fun for you. So I love it. She loves back to the future. She doesn't. I always like repeat lines of movies. Yeah, I'm not awesome powers. I'll do like gold member stuff. Here we go. I just did that. I just did I just...

...did gold member as a number. It's gold, it's gold, it's gold, it's solid gold. Baby, my favorite series of movies is back to the future, not because necessarily it's the best. I love it okay, I grew up with it, I love it. It's the message. And come on, Mary Steinberger and number three, I almost went straight for a because of her. I fell in love with anyway. So different story. Keep on track, Ginger. Would I do anything different? If I've learned anything from back to the future is that if you were to go back and change things, I would not be here right now. The Butterfly Effect of this lifetime. You know, I met my husband sixteen years ago on a random vacation visiting a friend in New York. I saw him Outga Club. I lived in San Francisco, he lived here. I was not looking, I was not even in the realm of possibility that I would even try to find a boyfriend here, and I said good night to him and he left. Do you know what? I saw him the next day here in New York. That's random. Our car got toad. He then took us to a diner while we waited for the car and during that conversation at the table I realized, Oh my God, Oh my God, and I didn't point at him like this, but I'm like, well, Shit, this is a big stack six three navy aviator. What what are you talking about it is so intellectually stimulating. He was a Nerd, which I absolutely I spid that so sexy. We we're talking about Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire slayer and he's an English professor at the Naval Academy and what and I didn't give this guy the time of the day. See, I thank God my Eyes Open. But if I want to go back and change anything, I don't know what would be what would be different now. You can't do that to yourself. It's wasted time. It's a complete it's a complete waste of time to say would you go back into it? I wouldn't want it. I'll tell you this. I wouldn't want to go through some of the trauma that I had in the past. I wouldn't want to live through some of that. I certainly wouldn't want my last the last, what happened two years ago. I wouldn't want what happened to me when I was thirteen. I wouldn't want what happened in secret closets when I was six. A tough one through, but I'm still here. I somehow have eked through this lifetime and no shit, no, I got to sit with you. Tonight's amazing. This has been a great night. I tell you what I tell everyone else, but because there's this personal connection, I'm going to give it away. I love you. I love you too, but I love you very I and I don't love me so that I do. I so so girthy. So, but I mean like, if how are people getting away using this on Tick Tock? So this just looks like this, just looks like just just it looks like a different movie. Sure, that's like so impressive. I love you. I really appreciate you for just be so open and honest.

You are extraordinary people. I wish that you could live here and consider where you live with your jobs. Move to New York. There's so there's beautiful homes just right down the street. I would love for you to be my neighbors at least to be able to connect it at a physical point sometimes so that I could actually just hold your hand or just look you in the eye for real and just tell you I get it. We're we're doing our best. So that's the past. What's in the future for ginger lad what's coming up? What's going on? What's the big picture that you can share? I know you can't tell us everything, but what's coming up and next, you know, with an entertainer or someone someone in nightlife or an actor. It's so weird because you have done things that you have, yet you can't talk about it. It's not and it always, always when you say, when people say it, who I have a secret project but I can't talk about it, it sounds like you're a fall I shit. You know, who gives a shit until it comes out? It's not real. So there's some things I've done in the past I can't tell you about, that will come out, and there's some things in the future that I can't talk about. Now I'm headlining a few pride of its here in New York and that is what is coming up in June. So I have the wonderful rockaway pride. It's where I live, it's rock way beach. The reason why I'm known as Rockaways Queen of Queens and my husband, the Mr Lid is known as rockaways King is because we were in fact inducted as the rockaways King and queen this last year and headlined and Grand Marshaled the Poseidon Parade here in New York. It's the sister parade to the Cuney Island Mermaid Parade and our community decided that they wanted me and my family to lead that parade this next year. So thank you, rock way, because you are. You are amazing, outside of the few weird people that are here. When I get are you, you are kill the witch. Thank you, rock way. First off, says why I call myself rockaways, queen of Queens and for the third year in a row leading pride, I have also started an organization called Rock Way Pride. Hopefully, by this time next year we'll be able to actually have a real financial difference for Queer Youth, especially here in the rock ways, to elevate them and let them know that they don't feel alone. I have a number of shows coming up here in New York City and up coming on the twenty one I honored to be the MC of the New York Cities Dance Festival and parade over Tenzero. How am I going to do this? tenzero dancers coming through the streets of New York from astor place to Thompson Square and I am your MC. It will be aired on television and it's kind of picture the Rose Bowl parade, but much more fabulous, and I will be. I am. I have been trying desperately to to parse out some of the main pronunciations, especially from my beautiful dancers from China and from India. So I have a bit of a speech impediment. I can't say you Lessi sees grants, so it's going to be interesting that day. Thanks for hiring a person with a list, but get you want better? Yeah, welcome you, here they come. They got them. Well, this was so incredible. Had A lot of fun. Like I thank you so much for going at all out, giving it one hundred percent like always. I wouldn't expect anything. Giving US your time. Yeah, valuable. Oh, don't you worry, I've I'm we're on triple over time at this point. Is just counting down this whole thing. I'm soon as we're done, I just hit the button and it goes right to ven MO. Remember, you could always say what are you laughing about? Out that's not funny,...

...that's truth. It's always a good time to tip a drag queen. If you're watching this now or later, you can find me on Venmo cash at PAYPALSL. I'll take bitcoin. Whatever you've got. I'll take you've got some old gold or silver. Contact Ginger Lads. Well, your website. Everything's on your website. Plug one. MMM, oh, she's talking about my website. Yes, I'd like to plug several things, including plug my website, of course, Ginger Ladcom, if you like to find out more about me, dates or appearances that I'm making here in New York and beyond. I will also be featured by yahoocom in a documentary coming out late June and July. It's called in the know. It's about my life in and out of drag. That is something that I'm very excited and just the finished rapping about shows all across New York. Do me a favor. My husband puts up with this, so the least we could do is follow the Mr Lad. That's the Mr Lad in my ste R ladd and yes, is always a good time to tip a drag queen. So I'd you like to tip ginger. You go to ginger ladocom, penmo cash at paypal, so bitcoin, gold, jewelry, whatever you want to send the addresses the butt. Just send it, tests send it and that's all I would like to plug. Well, that's not true, capricorn, so I would whatever I can plug is fine with you. Is it getting hot in here? Is it just me? Yeah, it is. You're welcome. Give you a little bit of that capricorn right there. There we got. Well, little red little, you're not supposed to play back with me. You're not supposed to play back. You're supposed to sit there and be scared. Is What you're supposed to be. That's that's how I leave my life through here. Just scare the hell out of you into submission. They're like, okay, just, let's just, let's just let me know when you're finished. I'm like, I'm sweating. Yeah, I am. I'm sweaty so hard. You do realize every time a drag queen wears a wig or anyone wears wig, they're wearing a winter hat? Yeah, I can't be it. I think that you could cook an egg in here. Yeah, yeah, you could, it's that warm. It's been wonderful. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Thank you for joining us for this ten part series of sex, lies and parenthood. That was the Netflix to everybody. Thank you so much, sex lint ginger lad yeah, it's grain, oh my God. So thank you so much. Everybody. For Watching, for listening. Go to sex LIZES and PARENTHOODCOM if you've got any questions. Obviously goes to ginger leads website. Can't even I've lost the words. Thank you, my love. You are incredible. Thank you, thank you. I appreciate both of you so thank you for watching and or listening to part two of the interview with Ginger Lad. I'm going to roll in some of his live that he did after our interview where you watch him take the wig off, take the makeup off. It was super, super late at night. He showed us so much love. It's just such a cool thing to watch him transition again. It's artwork. The process is amazing. You see truly that his body is his canvas. I think drag is an art form. I think it's absolutely incredible and we don't support Texas state representative, Brian Slee, and we definitely...

...think that these performers understand what family friendly is. A lot of them do family friendly events and I think it's up to the families and the kids to decide from themselves what they can and can't watch. And if you don't like it, don't go to a drag show. It's very simple. Hello, my dolls, how are you doing to night? I know it's late, so you're probably not going to watch this live, and that's okay. I don't mean to wake you with any notifications and just wanting to come on and express my gratitude. Express my gratitude for what I just got to do, which was to be a guest on sex, lies and parenthood, the podcast. I'm expressing my gratitude to Rachel and Capricorn for having me on their podcast, and I got to tell you, I've never had a punk podcast team be so amazing to me. So amazing they sent me the most heighth end yet phallic, sexy microphone I've ever seen in my entire life. It is Girthy, it is long and you're going to love it. Here it comes, ready now what does this remind you of? A microphone? Yeah, you got that right now. It is Um, this is this is special. This will get you places, sir, and I have named it, just to let you know. His name is Buck, because he likes to you know, yeah, the rest of it, but that's buck, the new microphone that my gorgeous friends from sex, lies and parenthood sent me. Let's get in no, let's get out of ragged ready, let's do it. It's going to take minutes. We've laughed, we cried tonight. I don't think I went too far. I hope not. When I when I talked about tonight, was from the heart. It definitely wasn't scripted and this podcast did not send me a list of questions beforehand. Just kind of went off the cuff. There's my beautiful husband, probably from bed right now. Hey, Babes, the reason why I'm still Apache drag is that I finished cameos. I filmed a advertisement. Now this is not really your husband. Were about to get your husband back, all right, so do you mind if I get a little more comfortable? Let's do it. I may have told you about these before. I made these in San Francisco when I think she might not know about me, Ryan, because Ryan and I both know each other from back in the day in San Francisco. Is that I used to sneak out and drag. Yeah, I used to sneak out and drag like a dirty secret, and here I am broadcasting to the world. And those were my original my original movies that I made back then. It well, half boy, half girl. Let's get it done. Nails off, jewelry super glued on, as I may have spoken about earlier. Oh my God, then there goes part of my ear. My ears get smaller and smaller every year. Yeah, it's right, super glue, all rights, take the flipper out, honey booboos style. Yeah, I mean, I have my teeth, they're just not as nice. All right, let's take off this hat. I've started using wig spray, like bonding spray. Watch. This is the most incredible glue I have ever used. I mean hurricane,... you hear that? That is that is the tea right there. I had no idea this existed. I've been using glues and lining a dry and everything. It dries flat, it dries clear, Oh my God. But then take it off, you do take part of your soul off. My God, heard my soul just came off. Yet there we go now. I don't need that. It's a war crocks anyway. No, Oh, oh my God, that's a cute look right there. You know, that's that's the that's look, an extra fancy for you. You're welcome for that. Let's get these eyelashes off. All right, I can see again, and let's get the Sherman Williams paint off twelve coats minimum. I already scout myself. You can see the hot burn from the tape, but you know I'm worth it. Why do I look so tan today? Yeah, if I've learned anything, drag is a complete construct, isn't it? It's we are all presenting in certain ways in our life arm we whether or not you wearing baggy pants and a flannel shirts or you're completely messed up with makeup like I am right now, we're all presenting a certain message to the world. Right I like to show you that it's okay to not be glamorous all the time, to not be wearing one inch of makeup, that that you see me like this, I don't care. I don't care because it's all just it's my profession. I like lifting people up. It's it does bring me a lot of joy. I'm going to be going to bed shortly as well. I am hungry, though I didn't eat much today. I never eat very much on the days that I do drag. I preferred to feel a little light, the best way I can describe it. It's like preparing for a sporting event. You don't want to feel heavy. You don't want to eat too many carbohydrates, but you want to have enough calories in your system to get the job done, but not too much that it makes you uncomfortable with that Dominic, I don't think I've ever seen you without a hat on. Besides, and pictures and I'm there to go. I mean, I'm sorry that it looks like this right now, but it's been sweaty underneath a wig for the last couple of hours. So plan on getting any more tattoos? No, no, I have no plans to get any more tattoos. And I tell you had hours and hours worth of tattooing. That was enough. Frankly, at this stage I wish, I wish I could take them off. I mean, I'm not going to. I've learned how to disguise ginger so that you don't see my tattoos. But frankly, as an entertainer, I get tired of wearing long sleep dresses all the time. Everything I own is long sleeve everything, everything, I mean, I may own. That's that's kind of wrong, and may unlike three or four things our...

...sleeveless or one leave off, but I've learned at them with it so god, that feels good. All right, all right, we're good. Huh? All right, I just want to wish you good night. I want wish you joy and love and remind you to follow sex, HMM, to follow sex, lies and parenthood. Why? Because they're going to be the ones to release the podcast that I just did for them. And if you've got any free time, let him know how much tell them do me this paper and be very funny. If you DM them sex lies and parenthood, let them know how much you appreciate them supporting ginger and Buck. They'll get a kick out of it. Maybe they'll cringe, I don't know. Good night everyone, sweet dreams, and here's to a good day tomorrow. All right,.

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