Sex, Lies & Parenthood
Sex, Lies & Parenthood

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In this episode we interview Dr. Sandra Zichermann, creator of The Mom Rant and Rave, a safe space on Facebook and Instagram for parents to support each other during the hard times and the good. Sandra has been a social media influencer for years and is adamant about teaching others how to get paid for their hard work instead of doing it on trade. SAY NO TO TRADE, INSTEAD GET PAID! She has a loyal following on social media and on Clubhouse. We also discuss the fact there is no perfect parent and no one way to parent as well as self care and taking time out for yourself.

To contact Sandra, go to her Instagram and DM her @TheMomRant or you can send her an e-mail To find her Facebook group, search The MOM Rant and Rave.

Hey, everybody, welcome to sex lines and parenthood, and I am so fucking excited. Today we have doctor Sandras Dickerman with ask. Sandra and I met via clubhouse right which you are expominating right now. Oh my God, you are all over clubhouse. Say Hide, every people, like a like a wet rag, bloody rag, everybody. So, Sandra is, how do I like? A Mommy influencer? How do you say what you do? Because, honestly, you help so many people when you reach over what like, over fourteenzero people right now, just on facebook alone. Yeah, so combined it's twenty threezero. Oh my God. Yeah, yeah, so I'm a content creator, Mommy, blogger, influencer. I mean the my American friends, you guys. You guys like to use the word influencer. Are Canada. We we do this to it. But yeah, that's what I have. A content creator, Mommy influencer. I'm now coaching, which is really exciting. So that's really fun. I'm helping MOM's and influencers as a whole. Got From Hashtag gifted to Hashtag pay, which is a huge deal. I love that. Yeah, it's a huge because we get offers all the time for like Hey, do you want to try this product, to use the product for free? And it's like no, I don't want to do that. No, I don't understand even what the next steps are. You have hustle, like you go out there and you hit up brands, like huge brands, like Walmart, like huge brands. How right from Mommy, because the penis. Oh, sorry, it's sorry. Let's get back to serious talk, serious talk. We don't have to. It's fine. But how did you make the leap? Because you've been doing this way longer than most people doing this for ten years. I started with my facebook group, the MOM Rant, and now it's been rebranded to the mom rent and rape. But before that I taught for ten years at the University of University of University of Toronto here in Toronto, Ontario. Yeah, so I have the PhD. So I did that and then I was like too much bureaucracy, and so then I became a content creator. But it was by chance, because I just started facebook group, because I looked to my husband I said, we got to an argument over who has a harder men or women, and when a dumb question, such a dumb question, of course we do. It's dumb. Yeah, but what did your husband's Day? What do you think he said? Uh, man like that. Yeah, maybe, okay, that's pretty much what happened. How did he feel about you going into the social media realm and was he okay with being on camera?...

Did he like get annoyed? Because I know I've been dealing with this for about fourteen years with her. My whole life has been spewed out over, you know, public means for complete public consumption, and so I'm kind of wondering how he feels about it. It's a great question. So, Kevin is he's a bundle of joy. He's just a bundle of joy, funny in your videos. Maybe you just make him that way. I don't know. No, he's pretty funny, but I he has no choice. I force him. That's that's what I did. Find his arms and I bore them. I was like, let's admission. I get told to do that again, you know. But like a lot of my stuff, and I think yours is too, especially with the yeah, organic right, you see yes happening and you're like, Oh shit, let's let's catch this moment. So a lot of times I'll just say hey, what was that again? You haven't and I'll just start recording and you just kind of get as a content creator, you start to kind of hear those moments of like Oh shit, this is either funny, it's a learning moment or it's our chance to be vulnerable and teach people. Sure Communication. So that's been a huge thing. So he's along for the ride. He's one hundred percent behind us. Yes, it for me. For me, I'm just now it's about it because I don't want to be an impostor and it just well things. You know, I want to be legitimate. It's just, I don't know, it's weird for me because I'm not used to or should be used to it, but I'm just still not used to like people wanting to hear me. Do you come into that in your coaching business now, with everyone saying in Pastor Syndrome and Pastor Syndrome and pastor syndrome. Not really like I haven't heard anybody yet say that to me. I feel that I'm well equipped to coach people about it. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be doing it because I don't believe in any fakery Shit, but I, you know, tell it like it is. Kevin doesn't enjoy doing it all the time. I'm going to be honest. He doesn't, but there's certain times where it calls for it. Right. No, brand, and I have done a deal where it involves the family and him, and actually have one brand that constantly wants him in the forefront because the women do like him. I get a lot of DMS about him. He's he's like I'm actually funny. Yeah, he's funny, but he's also, like likes hello, old and I like to years old. He's really old. How about older to go far? How much he's he's eleven years older than me. M See, yeah, he's a he's old through out. And your kids are how old? My old Elvis is nine and then I have a seven and a half year old and then a five year old. Oh, out, I know. Yeah, the struggle. You guys know struggles room and it's like when they start to get older, the content has to change because they're not into it, like I'm are too. Are just not know. I've heard that that happens...

...anymore. I mean it's just that's be realistic, right. They get to an age where they just want to be on youtube or on their video games and you don't hurt her any like cool cute moments anymore. So really it's become about us and strengthening our relationship. So sweet to do something and he's like they're right, exactly, your noises, and I'm like, Oh God, I can't any like you just talk. They try again, seek use some words. I don't know if it's hard for you is when you're like just like, let's just do this quickly and then we can enjoy ourselves, for sure. So sure, we we don't do a lot of takes in this house. We probably should do more takes. No, you're like other creators. Yeah, yeah, it's better, but something, some things need to be edited. Right, like something should be edited. But generally speaking, everything is off the cuff for me and I enjoy what I do that much that I still do it. So that's the shock burnout, because we literally took a summer hiatus. Yeah, you did TV, so I was like what TV takes? The hiatus were taken a hiatus because I started feel like I was forcing content do you. I was like living to post instead of like living and then Oh, let's post about it. Right. So we took a Jatus and because I was getting stressed out. How do you have funds all of this? I don't know how. I don't. There's no balance. I have no balance. I have no strategies for success in that front. I am totally I have no but I actually was looking at myself the other day and I was like, girl, like you need to like take a poo in peace and like take some time for yourself. I say it all the time that I want to take time or I take time, but I'm going to actually take the full time that I should be doing. So I have said, I made it agreement with myself that this summer, summer's not over yet, I am going to take three full days off of social I've never done that before in ten years. Saying it's still summer still, I mean we don't go back to school till September, the eighth I think, or whatever the days that think about to school. But in time I am going to take off three days. I just haven't figured out when, but I'm going to take up three fold days well, especially because when they go back to school, that's when I feel like, okay, we'll be ramping up again right. Love about your rooms on clubhouse, through the MOM rant is that it gives us a chance as parents to literally just say whatever's on our mind. Right, I feel like I'm being judged. Sometimes I get amaze using advice. Most of the Times I get great advice, and the rent rooms are just your way of just saying, you know what, fuck today. Yes, it's kid but yeah, sometimes it makes you feel you feel normal. Right, Oh my God, it's not just me. Well, that's a huge thing with your brand is that parenting isn't...

...perfect. There's no such thing as perfect. Parenting isn't perfect and there's no such things. Jesus, all these books on there. I'm like, Dude like you obviously have no children. Yeah, exactly. WHO. I love the people who like try to tell you how to raise your kid that, oh yeah, my God, and all of a sudden they have kids in they're like yes, so easy, isn't it? It's just easy. Yeah, I don't think there's actually, I always say this, but there's no such thing is like the ideal in anything, you know, ideal beauty, ideal parent, ideal way of living your life. There's no right perfect answer and no one knows all the answers. So it's something that we just have to like go with the flow. You know, if the kids are not going to be you know, if they're going to be on technology all day, they're going to be on technology all day, and there's certain certain things that you can control, but other things you've got to just let go. You gotta let it go. So have yourself crazy, right. And Yeah, your rooms make me feel normal, especially with the technology, because during Ovid, I mean with a I'm not like a merry go round, like I don't be everything to you all the time, exactly when I was in one of your rooms and all the parents kind of agreed, like fuck it. Put them on tablets, like yeah, we're not going to be doing like crafts every day. It's just not realistic. It made me feel so good and honestly, my kids know so much from you two, like think for sure. They start telling us today like they did. You know this about Michigan, and I'm like no, I didn't. It's so smart. So I hate what happened in this date. I'm like, I don't know what happened. She'll tell me. I'm like where to learn that? Youtube when you're a group took off. Hmm, do you think it was going to get as big as it's become. No, no, I just it was like six of my closest friends. We just got together and we're like, well, I said, let's do this, and they and they did it. They added their friends and Bubba Blah. I never thought anything of it. I didn't think I was gonna be able to monetize it. That was not the intention. I was still teaching. I'm still a university professor. At that point I was eating a half months pregnant when I defended my thesis and yeah, yeah, and then I the room started the same year. So it's two thousand and twelve. So it's yeah, I was you know, I never there was no intention. It wasn't intentional. There was no I didn't plan for it. It just kind of happened and it's been a lot of life lessons, right, with a lot of failures along the way as well, which I always talk about. But yeah, it's been really fun. It's been a great ride and continue to do it because I still love it. Once I stopped loving it, that's when I stopped. How do your brands that you work with? Do they just know like your run honest, like I had him. Watch your bathing suite video where you asked about waxing and you're literally love us, love it very hairy down this like, oh my fucking God. But how do you do? You straight up tell the brands are going to work with, like, listen, like, if you haven't looked at my page, look at my page, so... know what you're getting into. Oh, for sure. I think that they all look at my page as a starting point. Typically, you know, the ones especially that I've been working with for a long time, they just know me by now. But the new ones, I say, I always give a links, like here's where you can find me on social. Check me out, you know, and let's go together. They typically hire me for the fun content, though, funny and fun content. Sometimes it's serious, generally it's fun and funny. So if you're looking for a fun and funny content creator, that's me. I'm not going to be the pinterest cookie cutter, picture perfect creator. I will never be that and I have no tension of being mad. It's very boring for me and that's not me, nothing to do with me. I've noticed a lot of like some of the moms that I follow or following in those footsteps of like finally being vulnerable. Fine, right, real, instead of the cookie cutter instagram that they want everybody to see. Because that that straight up intimidated me for a while, because I'm like, I'm a shit show. I've said I'm a shit show. We talked about show on the PODCAST, I talked about it on the instagram page and I just started to feel like got it and should I not admit that I'm a shit show? Like no, right, can we monetize that? That's called that's called life. And he gets worried about monetizing because, especially with the podcast having sex in the words like it. It doesn't bother anybody. I've told it to so many people. They're like, oh, that's perfect and like they get it, you know, they realize when it's all put together, they get the whole concept. So is it just a matter of working that leap? Yeah, makes sense, like this is our brands and this is what we can bring to the table. How, like, what do you coach other bloggers or influencers? But so, number you. How do we take the leap? What do we do now? Well, number one is be intentional. Like you guys have had this. This name has been with you for a while now, right. You've been doing this for a while, you know, and this takes time and labor for you guys to create these podcast episodes, editing, editing, all the work that goes into it. Kids you. Why is mommy still on her phone and are you like Tim Editing? I say that all the time I'm working. I'm bad, just on my fucking pone. Yeah, or even clubhouse now, because clubhouse is totally taken over. I need to slow down a little bit, but I don't know how. I really don't know how you do it. It's a lot. It's a lot, but it's great because that's like my coaching clients have come from clubhouse. They come from clubhouse. They're not from Instagram, they come off clubhouse. So much value. So I'm happy you're doing it, like from a personal perspective. Thanks or so sweet. But yeah, yeah, it takes a lot of time, but it's really amazing to see, like I had this gentleman who was working with who is a male Doo Lah. Okay, I've never heard of a mail Dula before. It was really cool and I coached him. I helped him to ask the hospital in his local area to sponsor him. That's...

...amazing. It's like something you don't think about because hospitals do have budgets and blubbable and all that stuff, but he was like so thankful and it was something so cool like that, like I'm Maal Doulah and you don't hear that too often. So I think that you can just take this to the next level. There's so many different ways of partnering with I mean for me right away, for you guys, the first thing that comes to mind is like a Trojan, a directs Ky, Jelly, and the reason why I see the sex toys, sex toys, unless it's a big, big company. Right. Big Company, if you want like a local company, won't really pay so much. They might give you a little stipend, but if you want actual money coming in, those are the big ones. And it's because of the sex in front of the lies and parenthood. Yeah, and that's what I would do. That's I mean, you know, I had, I think I told you this, but I had a show on Xm satellite radio way back also when I first started, and it was a really highly charged, profane, sexually charged. When I see sexually charged, I mean bombs were like the dirtiest stuff you've ever heard in your life. I was talking about it and I really enjoyed it and but finding sponsors of that point was challenging. Right now, I probably would have more, you know, would be easier, not maybe not necessarily easier, but you know, might be, you know, more in life for you guys because of the title, just as the titles a whole, like just creating a media kit for it and saying here's all the episodes we've done right and this is your turned a brand down. Have you ever no, I'm not going to do that. Yes, many times are. You don't want to say why? No, I I can talk about it. So there's one brand that paid a whole bunch of other influencers and wanted to do something with me free. But Huh. Yeah, how did you know me and one other person? How did you know they're paying everybody else? Because I knew somebody. I got really pissed off. I was like really, and the thing is, like I've never bought a follower, so my shit is real. It's not. There's no fake pod sitting, there's no like for like, follow for follow, and you know, they wanted to pay the people because they had higher follower accounts, even if they had got their followers, and so for me that's a big no no and I will never do that stuff. And so that was the reason, I think, why because their numbers were higher, which is fine, it is what it is, but I said no to them. There's been other occurrences, like situations where they want to meet. There's a company that wanted me to eat a Bacon Burger. I won't say the name, the brand doesn't matter. I don't eat bacon, and so I had to turn it down. It was a big people were like, I can't believe you're turning them down, like, are you fucking you? I'M NOT gonna lie, I can't stand that shit what. So that's that's you had on one of your stories. I don't know what a pot is. So I know you're like a said you're all about being vulnerable. What is a Pod, though? A pod. What is a pod? So a pod is when you're in a like you're in a chat on the DM's...

...with multiple people and you say here's my story, here's my post, can you comment on it? I'll comment on yours. So everybody just post their their stuff. In that pod and then, let's say I post my thing in that pod and then six or seven people comment on it, same six or seven people, and then they post their stuff saying I posted, and then the six or seven people also comment on theirs. To Post the algorithm because you get more of a boost on there's engagement, but you have real aswering. But we've always been about I don't really engagement. I don't like the fake shit, which mean yeah, work a little harder, right, it's a lot of work. Yeah, he's why I got burnt out the summer. I was like, I'm gonna take off. No, thank you know, and and you needed it. Everybody needs a break. Yeah, we had some other family stuff pop up to I know. I'm so by the way, I'm so sorry. You know, between the two of us, we had five people die in six months. It's crazy, and not even covid related. Yeah, just I'm so sorry, people since September of yeah, it's crazy. I'm really sorry. We're back. We're getting back into it life like amazing to be able to talk to you like facetoface. I Love, love you so much and let's do so much and there's been a lot of changes. So this is nice. You're going to come off. Yes, send me and then send me what other you were when your rooms are. Will tell everybody. So if you guys aren't part of clubhouse now, please get, you know, sign on, because it everybody can sign on now, right, like, yes, everybody's on it. And how do they find you on clubhouse? So I'm under the MOM rant, at the MOM rant. You can find that's how you are on Instagram to add the MOM rant. Yeah, at the mom rand, though, my name on clubhouse is Dr Sandra because of the PhD. I did a name change because I like deserved it. I don't know why I wasn't using it beforehand, but yeah, my name is better. I did. So they got paid for this shit. Yes, I did pay for that Shit in Labor, in labor and in cost. Right, fright and right. Oh my God. And then the facebook group, if you are rent, that needs a space. Two rant. I love that group, I really really do. The MOM's are are smart, they're funny, but people really need help. Genuinely ask for help. How do we find you on facebook? So on facebook it's you would look at the group the MOM rant and Raves. That's been my name of this. So there's only one bigger one. There's a smaller one that was like a knockoff, because, you know, people always like to create knockoffs. You know you've made it when there's a knockoff. Just getting your flattered. My God, thank you so much. May. Yeah, but yeah, it's called the MOM rant and rave and it's that's the facebook community. That's how you can find me, and then on Instagram as well. So that's the mom ranch on instagram and we're else am I. that's it. Linkedin. I'm starting to get on there. Not so much pinterest. Slowly getting on there. Need to get on more.

Wells pinterest for the SEO. Blah, blah, blah, yes, and yes, Tick Tock. I've been studying for about two years and I'm trying to figure out, like, because, as an influt, like, what part of you do you want to show the world? Right, because true, there's I'm not just a mom, I'm not just a wife, I'm not yes, I'd cast producer. There's so much more to me. Yes, then, what's your niece? Right, everybody says niche down. Yes, I don't know if I can do that. Chick Tock. For me has been a total I don't know, like I well, I mean I have a like one video that went viral, which was, I think I told you about this, but I was at the zoo, Toronto Zoo, with my middle son, bunny, and there was a rhino peing and it was Pein Green and I just had my camera and I just started filming and then the kids in the background, like it's beat to read, and that went viral. So, but that's the problem for me. It's like the content that we work on and that feels strong Toi. That was just off the wind. But the stuff that we work hard, even if it's not take after take, even it was the one shot, it doesn't hit it, but that shit does right fury eating for me. Yeah, that's why I let you have our camera rating, because you never know what fuck stupid Shit's gonna Happen. And then, yeah, that's what goes viral and that's what I had to get my head out of. And I don't know if you tell all your influencers just like, don't worry about what's going to go viral. Worry about being, yeah, well and vulnerable, real and exactly be yourself. Be Yourself. So what are you doing with the kids the rest of the summer? You know, you guys have had like camps. I'm dropping them off at your house. Dood my kids'll baby stale, I won't. Okay, a ten year old and the nine year old watch. I'm totally fine. I'm totally fine. I'm no, honestly, they're in camp. They're in a dance camp now. They're doing some like dance fun things and I think we're just going to chill. We went away to two resorts, which was a lot of fun, local resorts in Ontario, which was a lot of fun. And Yeah, just going to chill for the rest us, I think, unless something POPs up, that's our plans. How about you guys working on the House and working? That's good. I'm launching someone else's brand. So I'm so obsessed with me and I can't think of our own stuff. But I have to excite find a balance, because I can't. I yeah, I have to try to find a balance. That's my biggest issue, is throwing myself into everybody else's Shit instead of US focusing on our own. Well, kind of, like you said, trying to take some for me trying to take some time off for myself, because I never do. It's always work, work, work, work, work. But well, that's something. And a lot of your rooms you tell all the parents you have to find time for yourself. You have what do you do for you? What do you do? So my self care is at night when I unwind. It doesn't matter how tired I am, I open up Netflix. I stopped clubhouse around ten typically and then I'm on Netflix and I'm chilling and I'm eating treats or whatever the hell I'm doing.

Maybe spending time of Kevin, maybe not. Whatever I do sounds like me not spending time with Kevin but sitting in F I think a lot of people think selfcare means massages and face so it's like, no, it can be sitting on the couch eating cookies, watching them likes that. That's my unwine night, exactly. Yeah, you have to get away from everybody. That's my only time alone by myself. Exactly. It's yeah, what, he's your own thing. Yeah, the erotic novel that you guys were reading the other day and one of your posts, we were given that advice from a sexual a sex coach, basically to yes rodic novel together. Yes, yes, actually spark anything with you guys. Did you end up? It does later that day. We do. We read a lot together. That's one thing that we do. This is a truth. We really do. We read a lot. We've always read to first. I know because he was always, it, like a avid reader before we met. So we both like to read. So reading an erotic novel to guess. So I used to always read like erotic novels and Erotica as a whole. But together it's really fun. Actually it's really fun. That's what I'm like, we're gonna do. That's what you're gonna do this summer. Will Get a chapter one. You won't even get to chapter one. You can do it. We might. Let's go over the book and be like good, time to go. Well, I keep telling him I have an empty book and I want us to write a story, but he just not his words. He's great. It's great. Well, like when you realize your husband, like I don't know if Kevin ever does this, like I'm just not he's just not good at writing cards or writing letter. Right, right, right. Kind of have to get to a point where you just accept it. I guess M Yeah, I got I got burnt out. She's like my third, third relationship. Right, the last time. I guess it's CTSD, because the last time I used to do that stuff. Oh my God, like I got cheated on when I did that stuff. Oh No, it's like why would I do that again? Yeah, it's like, screw Rachel's amazing, great, she is. She is amazing, so smart. Here's the thing. Is like with her, I'm different because I'm always home. Yeah, like I don't go to the Bar, I don't have a hobby, I don't watch sports, like there's nothing that I do that requires me to kiss ass. So right, if you like that. For me like that, he's such more of a like real man, because he, yeah, does it like he is totally into being a dad and a husband. That's doing nice. I love that. He's not like could you go out with my friend? What? Everybody, you can go out. Go. Right. But everybody asked me about pictures. I'm like, I'm I'm more of an in the moment kind of guy and right, no, I don't need to tell I guess. When people would ask me what you do with your..., I'm like I was with my kids, like yeah, picture pictures when you do things. Yeah, because it's for me, it's it's the experience together, and I yeah away from that like Hey, let's somebody I can and take a picture. That's Kevin. Ever take pictures of you? That's like the only one. I ask thing now, like mom are never in pictures because we're always taking them. Oh that's that's advice I say to everybody. New mombs, I always say that take pictures with your kids because you're going to grow up and you're not gonna have any photos. I don't have many photos, Virgil. I'm gonna be honest. There's not many photos. I don't know, I don't. I did start to make sure at least they take that. I take at least one or two here and there when I'm at the beach looking horrible, like no, okay, great, honey tries. I was so excited when he was like honey, smiled, he had his camera and I was like, Oh my God, you're actually like I tried to do that stuff for her. It's just, you know, if I'm being real, it's just I don't know, I just feel like I'd rather talk to you and being for sure versus writing see. Yeah, like now. I want memories forever. I'm convinced I'm going to lose my memory and he's going to have to sit with me, engage my divers and look at our memory books. When again? No, no, no, let's clarify. When it comes change your diaper, I love it. We're getting a hot female nurse. I'm that starts. Yeah, yeah, yes, the two you together. This is so cute. I get to actually see you together like life. Steve, I'm getting US teamed up on my glass. All right, go back to school. Is Canada going to open up? Are we going to have like we're opened out and how we're mom everybody. I should do a mom into it a long time to myself and Kevin and do like the two dads. They can serve us. It would be perfect. That would be really fun. Carey around little champagne trees. Bring a mom be amazing. Would you like them? I'm in. Are they kids? GOING TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL? Yes, we're shipping the Miss Gust as we can. We mean you mean if they open up? Yeah, they open up. Yeah, right now everything is open, but our numbers are going up again, which is so frustrating. I know for you guys everywhere. It's insane shit. So we'll see, but they are going back if we if we definitely there open work, they're going back. And then how else do you see you growing your brands? Like? What's next for you? That's an amazing question of which I don't actually have the answer, for the one thing I've always wanted to do, remember we talked about this, is I want to have my own show. I've always wanted to have my own show. I don't know how that's going to happen, when that's going to happen or if something. Yeah, we talked about it. We talked about the issue is she's in Canada and I'm an America.

There's no issue and this she they're I'm trying to teacher strict and can I'm trying to teach her on how to like avoid that comment and every everything that comes up of your this is the issue. Stop, just stop with this. You should can as a stickler ill figures. There are different there are different like we have different rules here. You guys have like ATCC, we have CRTC. We have different regulation, bought regulatory bodies for doing stuff, but also we are far away from each other. It's the jam, right, so do something would be a virtual I don't know how much of this this is great, right, right, but I definitely that's that's the end goal. So Weird. Do I want my brand to go ride? I want myself to go I don't want to be an actor, because I do. I'm not an actor. I want to be just a real mom, you know, holding discussions, having a show, possibly where I'm the host of the show, or sitting on a panel. I've always like that, you know, the view of ever we talked about that. Oh Yeah, I'm sharing my opinions or my ideas on topic areas, but I'm not afraid to talk about any topic. Frankly, you're also funny, like you think, and up on clubhouse a little bit. Thanks, funny, I did a little bit. You're so funny. Little Bit. Yeah, something you'd want to explore or really just utilize the comedy with a talk show? Yeah, I mean I Kevin wants me to get to stand up so bad. He's like you need to. This is something you've been your calling for ten years. The thing is, honestly, it's you know self deprecating a bit and it's a little bit it's not my style right now. I think at this point I wanted to eat like smart commentary Y. Yeah, know what I'm saying, like I you know, I can still be funny and provide smart stuff on when you're doing stand up, it's it's different, it's a different experience and not everybody enjoys it right, versus a show of some sort where you know, you can talk about issues of the day, pop culture, whatever it is, and have an engage audience. Hope people actually interacting with you and bringing different voices, because that's what it's all about. Well, and that's what I like. On clubhouse, you've literally, I swear, we've had a moment where you were almost all crying and then you flip it and then we're all laughing like yeah, quick, that's how quickly you play life. It's amazing, though. All right, so if everybody wants to, everybody should go find Sandra. Join clubhouse, look her up. Stay, Dr Sandra Zickerman. You can also find it under the MOM rant. I found you just before. It's super easy to find instagram at the MOM rant and then your face for facebook group. It's the MOM rant to brave. We are not alone. Community is very important and I think a lot of people are coming out of isolation realizing we need girlfriends, we need commy, and you're doing an amazing job at every getting everybody on board with that. And I love you so much and I want to thank you so much for doing this. I love you both, and I want to thank Poth and I should just play your voices in my ear whenever I'm having a bad day and you said, I love you so much, I love you so much. I love you some much. You guys are great.

This is so fun. Edual, Zoom Reiche meeting. I'll take care of you. Well, yes, yes, that's what we're moving into that. We'll talk about that later. That's fun. People want to book a session with you, yes, about being an influencer and actually making money instead of trade. How do they contact you for that? So they can send me a DM on IG. They can send me an email Sandra at mom rantcom. I can set up a callandly, you know, meeting with them. Fifty, I do think, fifteen minutes just to like a meeting. Great. Yeah, so they can see, we can both see if it's mutually, you know, beneficial for both of us. If you know there's something that I can do. I don't want to just work with anybody just to work with them, but I really do want to help women, especially women, and I am sorry, but it's the truth. I really do. Yeah, yeah, well, agendas over, yes, yes, yes, I get. I'm only here to help and serve. Well, especially if you're COPD women pivoted right with like losing jobs. MOMS don't stop right, we don't quit. We can't. The way to make money on the Internet, whether it's selling shit on Etsy or selling yourself as an influencer. Yes, fucking yeah, let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it hundred percent. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us. Dr Sandras, that can be in. You're the best. Again, if you want to find her, go to instagram at the MOM rant dm her for more information. I love you so much. You were the best. I love you so much because amazing. Thank you for this is so fun. Guys,.

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